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Atari 5200 Game
Produced by: Activision
Model Number: FC-101
Atari Rarity Guide: 5 Rare
Year of Release: 1984

This Atari 5200 game is a rather unremarkable, (but fun), space game. Control your ship from an overhead view, watch out for Asteroids, killer rocks, and the annoying repair bots. Blast all of the satellites before time runs out and you will win. Of course touching anything means instant death, so watch out, because there is no energy bar in this title.

If you find yourself in a tight spot you can try escaping through one of the "Warp Holes" that are scattered around the game. But you may very well end up in an even more difficult position (just like in Stargate).

Dan Thompson was the programmer on this title. The box has a picture of him inside the fold out front panel. He has the 1980s look down to a T, long hair, a moustache, and a shirt you would have to see to believe.

This game is valued at around $20 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more (the box to this particular game shows a very shiny space helmet, which has very little to do with the actual game).

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