A work of interactive fiction by Adam Cadre, released in 1998.

Despite being an example of relatively Puzzleless IF, Photopia is almost always spoken of in terms of reverent awe within the Interactive Fiction community.

Though the gameplay is very linear, to use the term is slightly misleading. The game is very lacking in terms of player free-will; whatever the player does, the game will probably end the same way. However, the story is not told with time linearity -- over the course of the game the player takes on many roles at many different times and begins somewhere near the ending of the story, temporally speaking. Ironically, the one role the player never takes is that of the game's main character.

The game makes wonderful use of text color. The story alternates between incidents in a world very much like our own and a surreal fantasy world. Each incident in the fantasy world is told with text in a different color, a color that evokes the current scene and adds quite a bit to the game itself. No accident, I suppose, given the game's name.

The game is publicly available and playable. I picked up my version from Baf's Guide, but a web search for Photopia should bring it to you without problem.

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