With 20 years of songwriting and performing behind him, Pierce Pettis has earned the respect of colleagues, music critics, and fans alike. From his upbringing in Ft. Payne, Alabama, to writing at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, to his involvement with Fast Folk in New York in the 1980's, through his stint with Windham Hill/High Street Records which produced three highly acclaimed and award-winning albums, While the Serpent Lies Sleeping, Tinseltown, and Chase the Buffalo, and Everything Matters, Pettis has accumulated an international following.

Pettis now divides his time between Nashville, where he is a staff songwriter for Polygram Publishing, and his home in Alabama, and touring. While working for Polygram, the past few years have been the most productive songwriting years of his life­writing with such talents as Fred Koller, Gordon Kennedy, Claire Lynch, Tim O'Brien, Tom Kimmel, and Robert Ellis Orrall.

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