A town in southeast Arkansas with few redeeming qualities unless you a) have friends or family there, or b) like run down, gang-infested shitholes that smell like ass because of the multitude of papermills surrounding them. Jokingly referred to by long-time residents as 'the armpit of North America'. Don't go there unless you have some seriously compelling reason.

Yes, we have been searching for the rectal orifice of the universe for some time now, and jes04 has made the final discovery. This is truly, and I say this as one who has traveled the entire world (well, a bunch of it) and has seen thousands of contenders: The asshole of not only this universe, but all possible parallel universes as well, is Pine Bluff, AR.

I actually know someone who has lived in Pine Bluff, AR, for several years. When I see him, all I can think to say is, "Why?"

This is a city built on welfare. See what you get? The horrid odors, the rampant crime, the ugly streets, the corrupt politicians, the crooked judges, the college that teaches nothing at all . . . It's a hell-hole, and by that, I mean it is a hole where you one day may go if you are sentenced to the horrors, damnations, tribulations, bad cooking, and general evility of Hell. Not to belabor the point.

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