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A largish city in the Texas Panhandle, settled in 1887 and named for the Spanish word for "yellow", the color of the soil in the area. It is the county seat of Potter County, but a large part of the city is also located in Randall County, too. The population is approximately 170,000 people, the average annual temperature is 57 degrees, and the city receives about 19 inches of precipitation yearly. The city's residents are conservative to a near-cartoonish degree.

Most of the economy is based around agriculture and tourism. Route 66 runs through Amarillo, and the nearby Palo Duro Canyon hosts the popular musical drama "TEXAS" during the summer months. Among other things, Amarillo has the Big Texan Steakhouse, where you can eat a five-pound steak for free (IF you can eat it AND all the fixins in less than one hour), the Cadillac Ranch (a bunch of old cars sunk nose-first in the ground and covered with graffiti--for some reason, the local chamber of commerce considers it the town's biggest attraction, even though it's utterly stupid), and a bunch of very Discordian road signs scattered prominently throughout town.

The cleanest city I have ever visited. Sparkles like a quiet gem all night. The street-sweeping machines hum along at 3, 4, 5 a.m. The city is swept, dusted, polished, but the constant warm buffer of wind keeps it from being antiseptic. Home of Cadillac Ranch and the Helium Monument. Amarillo supplies the world with 90% of its helium, and is known as The Helium Capital of the World.

The Discordian road signs that Jet-Poop speaks of, are thanks to a man of riches untold who resides in Amarillo, who, for some reason, decided to place random roadsigns around the town. Some of the ones I have seen include,

Scissor Crossing

I'm The Biggest Baddest Drunk In This Town

STOP (staring at my mom)

Patrons Not Admitted Without Guns

And to top it all off, there is a leaning water-tower about 15 - 20 miles east of the town on I-40
A very strange, and wonderful town.

More signs in Amarillo are:

small, large, and OH MY GOD

There are also entire passages from Alice in Wonderland spread across 3 signs near a McDonalds by Westgate Mall.

People request to have these signs places in their yards. The man who does all this is Stanley Marsh 3 (not the third). In order to have a sign placed in your yard, you must live in Amarillo.

I know of one family in Dumas who once lived in Amarillo, and brought their sign with them. It reads, "It's the carnival, not the circus"

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