September 2, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear dem bones, of the adventures of thy (unpaid) servants. 'Tis is a tale most banal and tedious, of title edits, of nodes nuked and fluffed into a better condition.

In Valahalla, the valiant and dashing dannye, the flaxersnoofigumulous jessicapierce and the merely myself beheld a clash of titans. Their struggle made smoked salmons appear and vanish, appear and vanish, until our eyes did weary and our heads bow in fatigue and wonder. To hear of this tale in further detail, /msg one of us.

Since that time, a brooding calm has covered the nodefield.

Already the Crypt has swallowed these nuked nodes (massacred with mercy):

  • womanize by Kilo. Linkless and bizarre.
  • the metric system by Booth who had duplicate information at metric system.
  • Penis Game by TWPS. By consent.
  • words that go funny if you repeat them aloud too many times by joelpt
  • words that go funny if you repeat them aloud too many times by 0x45
  • words that go funny if you repeat them aloud too many times by godling. As requested.
  • 10,000 things to do with all that skin lying around the house by godling. As requested.
Removed Brawl's nodeshells: DJ Chris, not deserve existence, heaps fully, Initial Node, terminal node.
Removed the husks of users: jdybnis, Josh Dybnis, bugman.

Note to editors: If you leave shells or have users with no writeups that can be deleted, please do as Lord Brawl has done below and provide links.

More nuke requests:

  • september 1, 2000 by aesteve77. "I accidently submitted it 11 times instead of 1 time." Um.
  • Quoth perdedor: "my writeups under The proof that 2=1 the first was my original writeup but the server was choking so I killed that connection, reworked it up and ended up with it being duplicated. can edit around the 2nd entry, and I have it backed up so please nuke both my writeups, NOT THE NODE. although it does make an interesting point, two posts of the node titled 2=1?!?!" Again: um.
  • What do guys think of girls who hook up with random guys? and a saying about that kind of women by rune
  • Berkelee by HoberMallow.
  • cesnorship by jirka and nwman.
  • The right to keep and arm bears, eminem, A white guy that can rap all by IainB. As requested.
I've killed many more nodeshells. One that was requested by Eco gave me pause. Why its cool to kill indians. was the shell left from one of P*nch*m*dr*'s trolls. A fragment of E2 history, gone. I am dry eyed.

More nuke requests:

  • Radiohead on tour in September. WooHoo! and a nodeshell by dizzy.
  • free votes at the weekend! by IainB as requested. This also nuked two wu by Hermetic and idoru.
  • poll: describe your mousepad; not my Linux box; by filling this nodeshell you officially declare yourself a transvestite; If you were to make a writeup to this node, what would it look like?; I dont know perl; impose SOME FUCKING ORDER; crotch cheese; crotch cheese and, finally IainB by IainB.
The mighty and sagacious Lord Brawl, whose editor-fu is a boon to us all, has uncovered these lazy, shifless, nodeless pretenders to the nobility:

Lord British, Lord Butter, LoRD GaNeSH, Lord Klamath, Lord MyCroft, Lord Of Those That Smak, Lordahdaring, LordByar, lordcian, lordgod, lordjames, lordjulius, lordred], Lord_Dacodo

They are all now without station and homenode.

Further nukes:

  • Fascist by everyone. "I am gay." Requested by iain.
  • SEM duplicates, requested by WhyWait?.
  • really long node by crayz. Pointless. Requested by dizzy.
  • Calls by lemonhead. "Plral of call." Again requested by the bloodthirsty dizzy.
  • marmite by Braedyn. Linkless, Nov. 13, 1999 node, information surpassed by subsequent writeups.
  • Zweibel's ABCs by hackthemainframe. By request.
  • Guess how many donuts I can fit on my dick? by Eraser_. As requested (wisely).

More in sorrow than in anger, I wrang its scrawny little neck:

  • don't by Zane Corwin (never logged in)

    "...piss me off!" Okay.

    I'll be returning to do some serious curettage on this numbskull. Lots of mindless one-liners.

    Friends, E2vians, cats and kittens, the hep and the square: Someday ages and ages hence, an editor may see one of your useless writeups, nail it on sight, and then do a user search and kill nine out of ten of the little treasures you barfed up. The world "numbskull" will float through his or her head. Is that what you want? No? Don't node crap.

  • what inspires noding? by Revera

    "3 words: Hot Monkey Lovin'", no links.

    And what inspires editors? . . . he asks rhetorically. Nailed this one right out of the gate.

  • Hmmm by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    "Well it's a bit like Hmmmmmmmmmm really........*Hehe*" I don't have to explain my reasoning here.

  • Billybob Gatesy by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    Random babble, of interest only to the author and his friends.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    Babble of interest not even to the author.

  • Hugo's lair by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    The URL of his web page, which no longer exists. No links.

  • Asuka Langely Soryuu by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    He adds nothing. Another writeup in the node says that the title is misspelled, but I wouldn't know. It seems to be an anime thing. Anyone?

  • Listen up smokers! by ralph noder

    The author informs us that he is stoned. The editor is much taken by the gritty realism and naked honesty. The tense now changes.

    The editor /msg'd the author and received no reply. The writeup bounced twice with a loud clanging sound as it landed in the bit bucket, and then came to rest lying on its right side. It wobbled slightly for a moment, and at 04:18 Sun Sep 3 2000 (server time) all motion ceased.

Nonchalantly tossed down the memory hole:
  • stf by blee and kalten:

    "Lunacy! HOORAAAAAAAAY!" and "Gurple.", respectively.

    --This is either an unfunny inside joke or pure drivel. I'm not a fan of either.

  • Gurple by kalten and vorlon:

    --If you kids are going to node nonsense, at least do it well.

  • Lunacy by kalten:

    "See STF. Sanity killed my pony."

    --All of kalten's writeups are now destroyed. I suggest we have a party.

  • baby elephant by blee and andrew:

    "Awwwwwwwwww :) CUTE! :)" and "Cute? Being shackled, beaten, starved, and murdered is severly lacking in cuteness."

    --I'm writing to my representavtive in the House. Convicted felons should not have Internet access behind bars.

  • jms

    by blee: "See J. Michael Straczynski."

    by ars: "The initials of J. Michael Straczynski." (So I've heard...)

    by urbanmisift: (empty w/u). Urban is an active noder, so I've /msg'ed him (out of the kindness of my heart), telling him to get it nuked. Failure to do so by Monday will result in the swift annihilation of the offending non-writeup.

  • combobulated by Sarcasmo

    "Past tense of "combobulate"."

    --Sarcasmo, you should know better than to node "Past tense of..." crap! Besides, "discombobulate" is a corruption of "discompose"... there is no real word "combobulate".

  • videogame by j0s

    "See video game"

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