Brazilian slang for "tiny male genitals." I feel that that definition is much more important than cars or horses. Who cares about cars or horses?

Known as a paint, the pinto horse has splotches of color all over it, giving the appearance it was, well, painted. There are three main types of pinto colorations:
  • Piebald: black and white.
  • Skewbald: white and any color but black.
  • Odd-colored: more than two colors other than white. The most common odds are black/white/brown and black/white/grey.

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Pin"to (?), a. [Sp., painted.]

Lit., painted; hence, piebald; mottled; pied.


© Webster 1913

Pin"to, n.

Any pied animal; esp., a pied or "painted" horse.


© Webster 1913

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