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Oh, you thought I was going to put you all through that again?

Haha, made you look!

No, this time, in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is today, I am looking for factual nodes about real actual piracy. Of all kinds. So get out there and node infamous buccaneers, famous pirate ships, Somalian piracy, Japanese pirates, music and movie piracy, internet piracy memes, the Pittsburgh Pirates. You name it, as long as it is factual. Also, feel free to toss out your best efforts at superseding some of the woefully inadequate extant writeups on piracy.

All entries will receive 25 XP at the conclusion of the Quest, with the possibility that truly outstanding entries may receive some sort of additional reward, to be determined according to my capricious whims. Message me (mauler) with your entry, and it shall be added below.

You have two weeks, until midnight server time, Friday, October 3. What are you waiting for? Heave ho, batten down the hatches, unfurl the mizzenmast, hoist the jolly roger, and set sail!

Me hearties.

Quest Entries

(newest on top)

  1. Smuggler's Blues, by jessicaj
  2. The Pirate Reading Scheme, by DonJaime
  3. Pirate's Booty, by jessicaj
  4. Barrett's Privateers, by Aerobe
  5. Alexander Dalzeel, by RedOmega

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