This node is being ever changed as more information on the enigma that is pirish is uncovered.

Pirish is the name given to the universal language of Pirates. At first glance it appears to be a dialect of English, but upon closer examination it seems that it is a tongue in itself. There are few living today that understand this piece of esoteric knowledge, and all the ancient texts concerning this subject have either ceased to exist or are in private collections. The following fragments of the language have been collected through intense research as well as interviewing the last remaining pirates:

Author's Note: This is hardly a complete list. Please stay tuned for more.

Pirish is marked by it’s strange sentence structure, for example:

English: My dog is lost.
Pirish: Arr, me dog be gone to Davey Jones’ locker, it do be!

The logic of this word arrangement is beyond the comprehension of those not brought up in an enviroment in which Pirish is spoken. It also seems to vary from statement to statement, changing the order as well as word choice with each statement.

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