A few years ago, when the original Star Wars trilogy was re-released in theaters, one of our chain pizza places (Domino's or Pizza Hut, something like that) had a really great promotional idea. They had pizza boxes with "Fun Scenes for You to Color!" from the Star Wars franchise on the lids. You had to be careful not to get cheese on them, because Darth Vader became much less intimidating with a giant grease stain on his face. Despite that, this was a great promotional idea, and my friends and I amassed a number of these things with many varied scenes and characters on them - the aforementioned Darth Vader, Tatooine, The Emperor, some Ewoks. Our coloring wasn't bad either, for a bunch of out-of-practice college students.

Then one day, we got a box lid with the ice planet of Hoth. Now at first, this seems really cool... until you realize that the box lids are WHITE, and, with Hoth being a white planet of ice and snow, there's nothing to color. They could have thrown in AT-ATs or something. There may have been some distant tauntauns, but that's still only a color range from white to whitish-gray...

"Fun Scene for You to Color!", my ass.

None of us could quite bring ourselves to color Hoth royal blue, and the fun quotient of those box lids took a nose dive. Moral of the story: Quality control is a must, even if all you're doing is designing color-in scenes for pizza box lids.

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