Pizza Fan, or "Pizza Rice", is a dish I was introduced to at Vonny's Garden, a vegetarian restaurant in the city of Tainan. The "fan" is the Chinese word for rice, so this dish is "rice pizza".

Whether the dish can properly be called a pizza is up for debate, although it fits into the category of pizza as much as it belongs anywhere else. The basic idea of the dish is that it is a pizza, but instead of having the toppings being on a crust, they are on a bed of rice.

The dish consists of a bed of relatievly well baked rice, with small amounts of interspersed vegetables and fake meat. On top of this is a layer of sauce, covered with cheese. It is a rather good adaption of the concept of pizza. It was served in the tin it was cooked in, and eaten with a fork.

It was a more high priced dish at the particular restaurant I was going to, costing 120 NT dollars, or about 3 American dollars. It could probably be prepared for a very small amount of money and a very small amount of time by a good cook. I don't currently have a recipe for this dish, but I hope someone might be encouraged to reverse engineer one from this description.

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