"You are too important to allow the unstable variable of lust to enter the equation"

"I know. I know. I don't give into it, or allow it to ruin what we have."

"But why would you want those shallow things, the things that would push you farther away from me than the physical distance between us now?"

I wanted to tell her what I meant, what my heart cried out to tell her.
But it wasn't the thing to say, not now, maybe not ever. Silence ensues.

"What we have is important to me... it is such a rare thing. Upsetting this is not worth it, no matter what good may come of it."

more silence

"You have a life there. I belong here."

Xochitl: i've never understood how anyone can use physical distance as an excuse from love

"If you love me, then love me."

She kissed me gently, just once, then walked away crying.

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