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Plutonium Nyborg is from the 1981 movie Heavy Metal.

Plutonium Nyborg is the apparent drug of choice for the pilots of a certain spacecraft that looks like a huge Smiley Face. Plutonium Nyborg is a white powder similar in appearance to cocaine, but seems to have an effect similar to marijuana, if you are to judge from their speech and actions. However, with the trippy scenes that follow the characters' ingestion of the drug, the creators may have intended to suggest effects similar to hallucinogens such as LSD.

They dispense the Plutonium Nyborg (in lines) from a machine that would seem similar to the type of machine used to paint the lines onto a football or baseball field.


While the two pilots are getting high, their robot (with an seemingly overclocked sex drive) gives a human female a little lesson in getting off with "mechanical assistance."

"Good Nyborg!"

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