The view

Walking out of the darkness of trees,
I find myself at the end of land.
Looking above, high above the green,
I see a mountain so white with gleam.
The big white, shining so bright in the light,
Turns dark + dirty, hiding with fright.
The bitter rush that runs in the air,
blows by, so cold + unfair.
Shadows darken the feeling of hope,
While light brings in the encouragement
of heart.
The cracks in the mountain,
sprinkled with iced snow,
The holes covered by mounds;
It xxxxx seems slow.
Other people, around sight seeing
the view,
Riding on boats
looking as if they can float.
Looking at the view,
Of what seems like the big blue,
It runs smooth,
but quietly,
like a rush through veins

Analysis; or, What some have thought

The most obvious thing about this poem is its shamelessly emo style, fitting for a dusty, isolated area, but largely incongruous with the handwriting itself. The handwriting is in the typical style of a popular and probably somewhat ditzy girl. The letters are large, round; lower-case ks look like upper ones. Many words are composed with a combined script and cursive style that makes this piece seem as though it was writing hastily, and not slaved over like you know some emo kid with black everything would. Also, there is no blood on the paper.

My guess: this was intended as a lame pseudo-emo, which is why it's unfinished, yet, folded neatly in eighths and left where someone would surely find it. I'll never know what it was intended to be, 'cos I found it five years ago. It still sucks, and the rhymes are all terrible.

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