It is an interesting fact to note that the history of Coca Cola in Poland dates back to July 19, 1972 when the first 0,25 litre bottle of this beverage rolled off the conveyor belt of a state owned brewery (Browary Warszawskie) in Warsaw. At the time, Poland was a Communist state, part of the Soviet block and a member of the Warsaw pact and products such as Coca Cola were viewed as the #1 symbol of US-led Western imperialism.

Nevertheless, the first seven million bottles needed for the first lot to be produced were imported from Spain earlier that year and thus began the history of Coke in Poland. During the first hour when the beverage was on for sale to the general public, over 240 crates of 24, which amounts to over 5,760 bottles were sold in the two main Warsaw supermarkets. The first slogan - Coca-Cola to jest to! (which roughly translates to "Coca-Cola this is it") - was created by the notable Polish songwriter Agnieszka Osiecka.

Hence, for over two decades Coca Cola was produced in Poland, based on a license purchased from the Coca Cola Company in early the 1970s, without the company itself having a subsidiary or even an office in the country until the early 1990s. In 1991 the company moved in and rented a whole floor of the Warsaw Palace of Culture. It had its HQ in this symbol of the Soviet empire for over ten years until constructing its own office building in 2001.

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza, July 19, 2002

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