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Polls are currently used to address questions about demographics, policy decisions, new features, concerns, your usage of Everything2, and many other aspects of the website. Many polls are created and selected by the admins themselves, to get users' perspectives on changes being made around E2. In addition, users can also create polls for whatever frivolous purposes they wish, within reason.

How do I create a poll?

Go to Everything Poll Creator. You must be level 3 or above. For guidance on poll options, see Writing a poll.

What happens to the poll once it's created?

The new poll is added to the queue of other forthcoming polls at Everything Poll Directory. Here, the gods review your poll and may decide to edit or delete them. Polls may be edited for typos, poor wording or confusing choices. If you make a mistake in your submission, you can request alterations by sending a /msg to a member of e2gods.

mauler is the god currently in charge of polls.

Voting on polls

You can visit Everything User Poll regularly to see what new poll is up, or you can go to your Nodelet Settings and add the Everything User Poll nodelet to your sidebar.

You must have votes to vote in a poll, just like voting on a writeup. You have a 1/5 chance of receiving 1 GP for voting on a poll.

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