Pomade is a thick hair care product commonly used in rockabilly circles by guys to produce the ever not-so-popular-but-still-really-cool pompador hair style. The most widely available pomade is Murrays Pomade which can be found in most supermarkets and pharmacys.

Pomade usually contains parifin wax, petrolatum and "fragrance" and thus is some of the most difficult stuff to get back out of your hair. Once applied, you use a hair dryer to soften it enough to style. Once it cools back down again, not even a hot Texas day can ruin your hair. Normally it takes three to four washings to get it out of your hair. If you want to get it out that is. This is a process that most 'billys refer to as "changing the oil". Most of the time you just leave it in your hair and add more as necessary.

Po*made" [F. pommade pomatum, OF. pomade cider (cf. Sp. pomada, It. pomata, LL. pomata a drink made of apples), from L. pomum fruit, LL., an apple. Cf. Pomatum.]




Piers Plowman.


Perfumed ointment; esp., a fragrant unguent for the hair; pomatum; -- originally made from apples.


© Webster 1913.

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