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The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) can be found at the centre of Florence,Italy. The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Firenze it was built on the widest part of the River Arno and dates back to Roman Times. The bridge has had to be rebuilt various times due to flooding.

The last reconstruction started in 1334 when the base of the bridge consisting of 3 arches and the 2 rows of shops found on the bridge were built. It is not certain who the architect was but it is thought that it was designed by Neri di Fioravanti but Vasari (architect of the Vasariano Corridor) believes it was Taddeo Gaddi. The corridor above the row of shops was built in 1565 and is called the Vasariano corridor after its designer Vasari. The back end of the shops was added on later in the 16th century and are what give the bridge its uniquely famous structure.

Then again in 1966 the Arno flooded and seriously damaged many of the shops but the 2 pillars and three arches which make up the bridge survived the fierce torrents of water.

The shops found on the bridge are all jewelers, many say the reason for this is so that one can go to the bridge where they can buy an engagement ring and propose to their significant other.

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