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Filmed in 1998 in Japan. Director was TOSHIAKI TOYODA.


Shibuya 199X:
In Shibuya the kids on the street rule the city. PORNOSTAR is a very intense and violent vision, a Tokyo-Street-Gang-Film for the 90's. The unusual hard, but seldom used violence catch the essence of the end of the century: merciless cruelty.

Kamijo owns a club in his territory - Shibuya - and has to give part of his profit to the Yakuza. Things go their normal ways, but in Kamijo's gang anxiety and tension reign - as if they would be waiting for something to happen...

Some day, Arano appears out of nothing - a mysterious guy who seldom speaks a word an who is able to kill without emotion. "There are to many useless people in this world" is his slogan on his restless raids through Shibuya. It seems as if Arano would be filled with suppresed wrath that is about to explode every moment.

As the two men meet, they are caught by a vortex of rivalry, but also of mutual faszination and as Alisu, a prostitute in love with Kamijo, gets her hands on load of LSD, a tragic development begins...

Translated from the german source: http://www.rapideyemovies.de/movie_pornostar/index.html

It is a very disturbing, but still fascinating japanese movie. It is not really about the Yakuza, but about Arano, the strange young man who seems to be quite OK. The end of the film is rather surprising: No happy end in its common meaning is provided, but a very shocking while still not senseless one. The director shows you everything you need to understand the situatuion, and he does show the violence in great detail. But the movie can in no way be called simple. Just watch it yourself. You know that Hollywood-Films are bad.

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