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The Portman Group was founded in 1989 in order to promote sensible drinking habits and help prevent the misuse of alcohol in the UK. It is a limited company funded by
  • Bacardi-Martini Ltd
  • Pernod Ricard UK
  • Diageo plc
  • HP Bulmer Ltd
  • Interbrew UK Ltd
  • Scottish & Newcastle plc
  • Six Continents
The group speaks for its members on alcohol related social issues such as drink-driving and underage drinking but it does not represent any of the group on any other matter.

The nationally recognised "Prove it!" scheme, launched in 1990, is run by the Portman Group and so far there have been over 400,000 "Prove it!" cards issued to those wishing to prove their eligability to drink alcohol.

The group also publishes many educational leaflets on alcohol and its use and misuse for use in schools, the home and licensed retail training.

The group also runs advertising campaigns about alcohol misuse (mainly about drink-driving), commissions and publishes reports on alcohol use and also funds and assists smaller, more local initiatives tackling alcohol misuse.

Source : http://www.portman-group.org.uk

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