You must be desperate to come looking for us. After all, we broke up years ago.

The Band

Possum Dixon was a new wavey, somewhat post-punk college rock band circa 1993-1998. Possum Dixon, based in LA, was originaly formed to let the member's blow off steam about jobs that they hated. They were soon signed by Interscope, however, and the garage band became what is now something of a cult favorite. PD combines a quirky sound with extremely well written lyrics, and proof that new wave will never die, just fade away. Possum Dixon never garned much popularity, desptie the fact that their music is extremely approachable, with a strong, listenable pop vibe. This is what alternative rock was supposed to be, but never quite became.

The Members

Rob Zabrecky led the band, backed up by Robert O'Sullivan on keyboards, Celso Chavez playing guitar, and Richard Treuel at the drums.

The Albums

During their career, Possum Dixon brought three full-length records to the table. Leading off in 1993 was their self-titled album, which scored a couple of minor radio hits. They followed it up with their 1996's sophomore effort, Star Maps, a moodier (but still upbeat) album with didn't recieve the radio play they enjoyed briefly for Possum Dixon. Not daunted, Possum Dixon fell under the wing of producer and Cars frontman Ric Ocasek and in 1998 realeased their third (and unfortunately final) LP, New Sheets, bringing even more new wave quirk and pop sensibilities to the table.

The Album

Possum Dixon, as well as being the name of the band, is also the name of their 1993 debut album on Interscope Records. The track list is as follows:

  1. 2:28 - Nerves
  2. 2:45 - In Buildings
  3. 3:44 - Watch the Girl Destroy Me
  4. 2:22 - She Drives
  5. 2:35 - We're All Happy
  6. 5:33 - Invisible
  7. 3:22 - Pharmaceutical Itch
  8. 2:15 - Executive Slacks
  9. 2:31 - Regina
  10. 0:55 - John Struck Lucy
  11. 3:08 - Elevators

What Now?

Well, now you listen to some Possum Dixon. My recommendation is you either head over to or you go to the band's official website at and download some of the mp3s they've uploaded for you.

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