A metaphor for the ultimate temptation, made famous by South Park.

See, you've got:

Sugar. Sweet, sweet sugar, the basic element of gustatory delight. That it's powdered makes it twice as nice -- no nasty edges to cut your tongue on, just that fine, white powder. It's no coincidence (well, actually, it is, but no matter...) the other well known white powder is also addictive...

And what's a donut but a circular cake, pleasantly shaped for easy consumption by your city's finest?

Ah, pancakes. Mother slaving over the hot griddle, a bottle of Aunt Jemima -- or, better, Real maple syrup. The innocence of childhood, the simple luxury of having someone else to make your breakfast.

Finally, a hint of the unknown and mysterious. Who knows what gooey, chocolatey goodness could be lurking beneath those golden powdered stacks? Dig in, find out, and be sure to brush your teeth.

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