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A feature of the Worm Web Serial, the power classifications are used by the Para-human Response Teams to quickly label the abilities that they would be facing down. It's less a rigid form of categorization and more a mental short hand for types of threats. It also rhymes.

Mover, Shaker, Brute, and Breaker
Master, Tinker, Blaster, Thinker
Striker, Changer, Trump, and Stranger

Mover - Any power that provides increased mobility. The major types are super speed, flight, or teleportation though more exotic options such as warping space would also count. The general tactic against movers is to limit their mobility where possible and remain as aware of there movements when not. They are usually low priority all powers being equal. The Flash and NightCrawler would be examples.

Shaker - Shaker powers have effects over an area or volume of space. This can include everything from telekinesis to clouds of toxic gas to force fields to altering the way sound propagates. The general tactic against a shaker is to spread people out making it harder to harm or incapacitate everyone at once but beyond that most will require specific tactics. They are higher priority all things being equal. Storm and Raven are both examples.

Brute - Powers that increase the users resilience and strength. It includes indestructibility, super strength, regenerative healing, resistance to poisons, and powers that reset physical conditions. General tactics include just assuming that most weapons won't cause harm or keeping distance. Low priority all powers being equal. Examples include Solomon Grundy and Colossus.

Breaker - Something of the miscellaneous catch all class, it's generally applied to powers that alter the laws of physics particularly for the subject. There is no general guide line for this given the breadth of powers under it's label. Kitty Pryde and the Atom would both be examples.

Master - Powers that influence or control other agents, it's a broad class that can include everything from mind control both overt and subtle to self duplication and the creation of automatons. Tactics vary with the master but generally include protecting oneself from mind control and locating the master. Masters are the second highest priority all powers being equal because they can turn allies against each other or create endless waves of baddies. Examples include Aqua Man and Charles Xavior.

Tinker - Super technical skill and understanding. Generic Mad scientist types, tinkers are entirely reliant on their equipment but the fact that they can create new gizmos so they aren't limited to a specific power set more than make up for it. Other than separating them from their inventions and any tools they could use there is no catch all strategy for fighting tinkers. Examples are Dr. Robotnik and Krang.

Blaster - Powers that act like projectiles or that affect the users projectiles. Laser, fire balls, Kamahamaha, acid spray, webbing, and even bullets with special properties all fall under this umbrella. Tactics generally mirror what you would do in a gun fight, get behind cover though you're better off retreating at the higher power levels. Moderate priority. Superman and Cyclops are both ocular blasters.

Thinker - Powers that provide information and include enhanced senses, precognition, enhanced pattern matching, or spontaneous skill acquisition. When dealing with thinkers assume they know where you are, what you are planning, and the best way to take you down, false info and code speak are useful but the most important objective should be to disrupt communication between them and their teammates. Highest priority target. The Doctor and Adam West's Batman are examples.

Striker - Striker powers are powers that require touch or only work point blank. They can be just about anything from melting metal to emitting electricity to manipulating biology. For the less powerful strikers keeping your distance is enough. Low priority all things all powers being equal. Rogue is an example.

Changer - Any power that involves changing form. Can be one form like the Hulk (who's also a brute) or a variety of forms such as Beast Boy. No general scheme combating changer. Generally low priority.

Trump - Powers that have to do with powers. This classification includes the ability to create powers in other, gaining new powers, and altering, copying, or nullifying powers in others. Tactics vary with type but it's generally a good idea to think about what kind of foe you are facing and how they will effect the team.

Stranger - Power that deal with stealth and subterfuge. Invisibility, perception alteration, and darkness manipulation would all fall under this classification. Assume the stranger can move past your defenses and is already in your base, probably looking over your shoulder as you read this. Password, constant check in, and in the really bad cases indiscriminate non lethal fire are all workable techniques. Think the Silence from Doctor who.

Powers are further classified with threat ratings that range from one to ten. A one is barely a threat to most normal humans, five is about the point where even a full SWAT team would be hard pressed, and ten means it's time to call the Justice League. Typically powers fall into more than one category. For instance Superman would be a mover because of his speed and fight, a brute because of his strength and durability, a blaster because of the eye beams, and thinker because of the super senses. Hulk would be classified as a brute and a changer. While the power classifications do have some weaknesses, master and trump are too broad for example, it is really useful in simple terms of description.


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