This node details all of the different ending sequences to the game Princess Maker 2 (so go read that node first, don't worry, this node will still be here).

This game has a total of 73 ending based on occupation. Along with 7 different marriages that can happen for each ending (although a few of the endings won't occur with some of the marriages). Some of these endings are nearly impossible to get in normal gameplay. The circumstances that are required to get some of them are very exact.

If you play this game a lot you will probably find yourself getting the same couple of endings over and over again. That is because of the way you are playing. If you totally change up your strategy, you can get more of the endings.

Some of the more uncommon ending are missing snippets of text (this game never was completed).

The special marriages are often dificult to achieve. You will often have to work the entire game towards getting one of these (especially the Prince).

  • Prince

    In this ending you get to marry the handsome prince and live happily ever after. This is a very difficult one to get. To start you have to remember to vist the "Young Officer" every January. You cannot become to good at either magic or fighting (you must also keep your sin and kill count low). Besides that, just try your best to be a little pretty Princess.

  • Father

    The whole idea of this is kind of sick if you ask me. But there is an ending where Father and adopted daughter marry. To get this ending you have to not develop any outstanding skills, go on vacation together a lot, never talk to the "Young Officer", and don't get rescued by Cube. The Patron Diety at the end of the game does not look kindly upon this ending.

  • Cube

    To marry Cube the butler you have to get defeated in the wilderness quite a bit. You must also get sick at least once (and have Cube take care of you). The Patron Diety does not like this one either (Cube is apparently a Demon, he is a nice Demon, but still a Demon).

  • Lord of Darkness

    I have never been able to get this ending in normal gameplay. Watching it in debug mode shows "Lucifon" (that is not a typo), coming for the girl in the night. He takes her away to the underworld, where they marry. (This ending is considered a total loss of the game). (karmaflux says, To get the Lord of Darkness ending, work in the cabaret a lot, go on vacation a lot, and never never study anything but magic).

  • Dragon Youth

    This is my favorite. The Dragon youth will propose to you around your 16th Birthday (assuming you have met him, and you were pretty enough). If you agree he will show up again at the end of the game to marry you (he is one of the best characters in the game).

  • Normal

    The normal wedding has no graphics or story associated with it. It will simply be mentioned in passing at the end. (Usually a Wizard, Knight, or Merchant). This is what you usually get.

  • Unmarried

    Girls who do develop strong wills and few social skills will end up unmarried. This may be a positive or a negative ending depending on other circumstances (sometimes she is happy about it, other times she is sad about it).

Occupation Based Endings

The endings below are all unique. These are generally the more difficult endings to get. You often have to work towards these (the fighting oriented ones are the easiest to achieve out of these). A few of them are boring and require no description. But I will explain most of them.

  • Grand Poobah

    The King and Queen step down and declare you the ruler of the realm (I haven't been able to get this one in normal play).

  • Prime Minister

    A coach comes to take you to the palace. The King decides that he would like for you to be the Prime Minister. To get this one you have to have a very high intelligence, and social skills.

  • Archbishop

    Like the Prime Minister ending, except that you are to replace the old Archbishop. This requires everything the Prime Minister ending does, along with a high Faith score.

  • Cabinet Minister

    Like Prime Minister, but much easier to get.

  • Ph.D.

    Once again the coach comes and takes you to the castle. This time the Queen speaks to you. They have established a new University and they are going to send you to study there. This requires high intelligence, science, and you must have befriended the Queen earlier in the game.

  • Nun

    The only notable thing about this ending is that you can become a nun, and still get married!

  • Judge

    Once again, you are called to the castle, only this time to replace the local judge.

  • M.S. (researcher)

    Become a private researcher at the University. Difficult ending to get.

  • Hero (Warrior)

    Become a full-time adventuring hero (just like AD&D).

  • Hero (Magician)

    Almost exactly the same as Hero (Warrior).

  • General

    Lead the Kings armies into victory. To get this one you have to take the strategy class a lot.

  • Officer of the Royal Guard

    Rather bland (but long) ending. Become the head of the Palace Guard.

  • Royal Magician

    Very similar to Officer of the Royal Guard, except that you are replacing the old Palace Wizard.

  • Fighting Instructer

    The man who runs the fencing school approaches you, and suggests that you open your own school. Students flock from all over the realm to learn from the daughter of the great hero.

  • Magic Instructor

    Exactly like Fighting Instructor, but the Palace Wizard approaches you instead.

  • Sorceress

    Embark down the path of magic, and become a Sorcerer supreme (incomplete ending).

  • Magician

    This is the same as the Sorceress ending (but with a different picture). However this ending is much easier to get.

  • Lady in Waiting

    You are late your very first day of working at the castle (incomplete ending).

  • Fortune Teller

    The local Fortune Teller advises you to go into his line of work, and you do. Get this one by specializing in Magic without being any good.

  • Street Magician

    Perform your magical skills on the street for money. Medium magic skills along with a high charisma makes this ending possible.

  • Street Performer

    Most of this ending is missing, it begins with the fortune teller though.

  • Royal Concubine

    The King takes a fancy to you, but not enough to brush aside the Queen. So you get to play the other woman (this ending has nudity if I remember correctly).

  • Queen

    The old Queen dies. The King send for the girl, and asks her to be the new queen. She accepts. The king then makes a poorly tranlated sexual comment about them staying busy. (This is one of the incomplete endings).

  • Countess

    Marry the local Count and live a life of luxury.

  • Millionaire's Wife

    (Incomplete ending). Rich man appears and proposes. The girl accepts, and off she goes (the Butler is furious about this)>

  • Mistress

    Become the other woman to a rich merchant. (This ending has nudity). Requires you to be a mistress earlier in the game also.

  • Divorcee

    Very incomplete ending. This does show a piture with a bunch of booze bottles laying around (husband is same as in Millionaire's Wife).

  • Domestic Training

    This is the same thing as unemployment. You simply stay home and help the butler. The Patron Diety does not like this ending.

  • Jester

    Befriend the Jester too many times and you will end up just like him.

  • Writer

    High intelligence and artistic skills may give you this ending. You end up writing a great novel (which may or may not be successful).

  • Artist

    Live a life as a great painter. Very easy ending to get. Just concentrate on Painting class.

  • Dancer

    Not the kind of dancer you are thinking of (you dirty bird).

  • Bondage Queen

    You end up working at a high class exclusive "club" as a dominatrix. I haven't been able to get this ending in normal play.

  • Crime Boss

    A smart but evil girl can get the crime boss ending (it is a losing ending, but Oh so hard to get).

  • Bandit

    Commit many crimes, and finally get chased out of the Kingdom (never to be heard from again).

  • High-Class Prostitute

    To much naughtiness combined with high social skills will get you this ending. This is one of the few endings with nudity. Your daughter ends up as an unhappy, expensive whore serving the upper class.

  • Con Artist

    You will see this ending if you manage to have an evil daughter who survives without getting good at anything. She ends up unhappy and in prison.

  • Prostitute

    To much naughtiness combined with low social skills will get you this ending. Your daughter ends up as an unhappy, expensive whore serving the lower class.

  • Lord of Darkness

    A very powerful, but very evil girl may get this ending (one of the rarest ones). In this ending the girl fights and defeats the Devil. Only to take his place ruling over the underworld.

Simple Endings

The following unique endings are fairly short and uneventful. But are not the easiest to get.

Common Endings

These ending are each available in a full-time and a part-time version. These are generally the easiest endings to get. These don't really need a full description. They are too short. Getting these just means that you should try harder next time.

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