A series of games for the both Windows and Macintosh computers with at least the first one also done for the Sony Playstation. They are, by far, the best pinball simulations to date, but they are also very well designed and playable tables. They are published by Interplay, but done by Empire Interactive.

The first one, The Web, introduced the series. The table was done in rendered graphics, with a dot matrix display similar to those found now on real machines at the top. It offered multiball play with very realistic physics, including allowing dead catches and bounce backs.

The second, Timeshock!, is yielded as the best PC pinball game to date. It added in better rendering, more and higher resolutions, and more options. The table can be set to operator mode, allowing customization of various gameplay mechanics. There's also even a reflection of the playfield on the ball, and it can hit the "virtual" glass.

The third, Big Race U.S.A added even more. The physics were again refined, allowing the ball to slip and slide, and it would even be drawn with a blur when moving fast enough. The table is extremely complicated, with a number of various ramps and targets to keep any player busy.

The fourth, and final one in the series, Fantastic Journey, went another step. The graphics were even better than previous ones, and they added a color dot matrix display, allowing fancier animations. The table was wide open, with a lot of practice required before you can even keep the ball in play for a significant amount of time.

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