There is an unspoken rule of pedestrian traffic flow.

"Ye who is traveling faster shall dodge on-comming trafic."

When I lived in Hawaii, Japanese tourists did not follow this rule. They looked everywhere but the direction they were moving and they were not living by "Hawaiian Time". They move in a spread out group, dominating the sidewalk and shuffling at a clip that could only be described as "power walking". When I was wandering down Kalakaua avenue in the after-noon, I took my time, strolling with leasure. Suddenly a pack of Japanese tourists appear in front of me, screaming down the sidewalk like a stampede of spooked cattle. I would literally have to jump out of the way to avoid colliding with them.

Eventually I devised a learning game, in which the tourists learned to look where the fuck they were going and to me it was a game because it provided hours of amusement.

This game was called "Sidewalk Pinball", this is how you play. Try for distance, see how far you can fling them backwards. Do not be afraid of repercussions, the cops in Hawaii hate tourists and besides that, they ran into you. If at all possible, file charges against them for assault.

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