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Talent in The Wheel of Time in which a person who can channel can move from one place to another. Similar to Skimming. In Skimming, the person must know their destination very well, but in Traveling, the person must know where they are very well. They must know every tiny detail about the place. Since tapping into saidar and saidin enhances a person's senses, this is often helpful in getting to know a place. The functional difference between Skimming and Traveling is that Skimming takes much longer than Traveling. Traveling takes only a few instants.

Traveling has been lost since before the Breaking of the World, but now it has been rediscovered for both males and females. Rand al'Thor used Traveling once before he understood it, and then Asmodean, the Forsaken who became Rand's tutor when Rand severed him from the Dark One, taught Rand how to create the gate. It was described as drilling a hole from one point in the earth to the other and opening the hole using saidin. It takes a significant amount of power to create a gate large enough to move people through. The gate severs cleanly in half anything that happens to occupy the space that the gate passes through.

The female version of the gate is similar, but created differently. Rather than drilling a hole, it's more like pulling the two points in space together and creating a bridge. This matches the gentleness of saidar and the fierce intensity of saidin pretty accurately. Only the more powerful Aes Sedai, Kinswomen, and Windfinders are able to create gates large enough to pass through. The gate was rediscovered first in theory by Egwene al'Vere, and she used her knowledge of how to create a gate for the first time to test her trust in Moghedien, the Forsaken captured by Nynaeve with an a'dam in Tel'aran'rhiod and later captured with an a'dam in the real world after she was stopped with forkroot.

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