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She sat slumped in the passenger's seat of an '85 Chevy.  Her boyfriend was driving.  Her hat was on crooked.

Ex-boyfriend, really. And drinking again. Drunk at the wheel and swearing at her and driving like a maniac

Why Christina why. We was so good together.

They rode around in circles.  

Christina was still.

He'd finished a six-month stint on a battery charge.  Now he was out and she wouldn't talk to him.  He called her mother's house, her sister Shelly answered the phone.

Restraining order, shit, that's just a piece of paper.

Shelly told him to go fuck himself.

He killed another beer and drove to the BurgerKastle.  He parked in the drive-thru and leaned on the horn, Christina I know you're in there and he wouldn't leave without her.

Christina, Christina, they rode around in circles, we was so good together, she was slumped in her seat.  Her hat was on crooked and the sirens were louder, Christina, Christina, Christina was still.

His hands on the wheel they went 'round in circles, punches and sorrow and baby I swear.  He drove through the barricade, blue lights behind him, a crash and a bullhorn and sirens gone silent, step away from the car, his hands in the air.

Slumped in her seat, her hat was on crooked.   

Step away from the car.

Christina was still.



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