Punchy is a derrogatory term, used to describe cowboys who are ill mannered or so used to the life on the range, that they are virtually socially inept when it comes to life in the city.

Bob's a good guy, but he's too punchy to go to town with.

Promotional character developed for Hawaiian Punch in 1961.

"Artist Martin Mandelblatt is credited with the creation of Punchy, who appeared as a cartoon character on television for the first time in February 1962. Punchy became an instant advertising success and brand identifier for young people. Punchy's "How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?" tagline personified the brand's image and advertising, and was copyrighted in 1964. In addition, Punchy was accompanied by Opie (sometimes referred to as Oaf), who served as the target of the mascot's punch. The Punchy and Opie characters and tagline remained in use through the 1990s."


Punchy made an unsuccessful presidential bid in 1992. You may view a picture of a promotional button at: http://www.dpsu.com/hawaiin_punch.html

The Cheat dressed up as Punchy for Halloween 2001 on the homestar runner website.

Punch"y (?), a. [Perhaps for paunchy, from paunch. See 3d Punch.]

Short and thick, or fat.


© Webster 1913.

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