acronym: Quantum Fourier Transform

Implementation of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) on quantum computers. The QFT algorithm is exactly the same as the FFT but implemented by means of reversible quantum gates. It consists of Walsh-Hadamard gates and relative phaseshifts.

Also Queens Film Theatre, an arthouse cinema in Belfast. As far as I'm aware, it was originally an offshoot of Queens University Belfast, but has since become an independent business.

The QFT (Queen's Film Theatre) specialises in European films, and is a member of the Europa group of cinemas. I recently saw "Dancer in the Dark" there, I think it was a premiere of some sort, and the Danish Culture minister spoke briefly before the showing. It also show many other foreign films in their native language.

It is located in Belfast in University Square Mews, a few paces from Queen's Lanyon building (the old one that's on the banknotes). It is part of QUB.

Its webpage is located at

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