QSound is a type of audio post-processing that supposedly gives the illusion of surround sound from only two speakers. It allegedly does this by altering the stereo envelope slightly, with phase changes and delays, such that your ears think the sound is coming from all around you rather than just in front of you. There were a few recordings, especially in the early 90s that were post-processed using QSound, as well as some sound cards, like the Gravis UltraSound, that could do the post-processing in hardware, allowing some games to generate quasi-3D sound.

Personally, QSound never worked for me. Music post-processed with QSound always sounded bizarre. The effect of coming from all directions seemed incredibly forced, and was not that noticeable. It also played havoc with my ears whenever I turned my head or walked around the room. Rather than sounding neat, it was incredibly annoying. Others apparently thought this as well, as I haven't seen any new pre-recorded music lately that's been post-processed with QSound.

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