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One of the nuttier miscellaneous magic items available to adventures in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. The tokens are all shaped like small feathers, hence the name, but besides that, there's not much to indicate that they're part of a set. They don't even come as a set, as do Prayer Beads or a Robe of Useful Items. To add to their uselessness, each token is usable only once. There are five types:

  • Anchor: Replaces an actual anchor on a boat, keeping it immobile in the water for up to one day.
  • Bird: Can be used to deliver a written message to a target, like a carrier pigeon, but, ironically, does not actually turn into a bird.
  • Fan: One of the few types that actually makes sense, turns into a huge fan capable of generating winds powerful enough to propel a boat on the water.
  • Swan Boat: Turns into a boat shaped like a swan (go figure).
  • Tree: Turns into a tree. That's right, a tree.
  • Whip: Turns into a dancing leather whip, but, unlike normal whips, is actually capable of causing damage.

I'm sure there's a story reason for the existence of these items, but why they would include them in a standard list is beyond me.

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