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Jesus. If there was ever a game from Namco's history that desperately needs a rerelease (or sweeter yet, a next-generation remake), this is the one.

Quest of Pistol Daimyo (better known by its real Japanese title, Pistol Daimyo no Bouken) was a shooter released by Namco in 1990. You basically play a flying daimyo who shoots enemies from a pistol affixed to his head. Intrigued? Please, continue reading.

Pistol Daimyo (or "P-Dai" as I will affectionately call him from now on, like a big stupid otaku) flew through feudal Japan, his propellant being two fans attached to his feet that he flapped without pause. Did P-Dai, as all great daimyo do, battle the oncoming military forces of his enemies? No, not really--he just fought a bunch of fucked-up animals and elements of nature. Who knows exactly what his quest was; the pre-game intro simply shows P-Dai gliding away, leaving the aid of his advisors (and honeys).

As far as your 16-bit side-scrolling shooters go, P-Dai is limited, but wholesome. P-Dai himself moves a bit sluggishly which adds to the building challenge of the game (and anytime you let go of the joystick he floats slowly to the bottom), but is virtually devoid of power-ups (yet the fire button can be held down R-Type-style to fire three differently-powered shots). The music rarely changes (P-Dai goes through five ladders of stages), but if you haven't loved the game by the time you start hearing that first stage music, well then you sir/madam, are uncool.

In short, P-Dai is an ossum, kewl, wackie game and should not be passed up. Lucky for you, it's readily availble in that perennial emulation favorite, MAME.

Final Lap 2 --- Galaxian 3

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