Quiet Places at Zion Christian Academy

Before 8:00am: The practice room, which is inside the music room. Despite the implications of the name, the room is not soundproof. However, before school there is usually no one else around with the exception of the occasional music teacher drifting through to or from the adjacent office. There used to be a comfortable chair inside the practice room. It was old and musty, but somehow when one sits in it they tend to find those aspects desirable. Endearing, perhaps. Other accommodations include empty cabinets, and a female Ethernet jack left over from when the room was an office.

First period (8:00 – 8:45am): The hallways. Any other time in the day, the halls would be contaminated with students making expeditionary trips to the restrooms and water fountains, if only to relieve themselves of the accumulating tensions associated with remaining static and quiet in a classroom. This early in the day, however, students seem to be more docile and content to be still. Even the study hall (in the multi-purpose room, linking the two halls) is hushed, the students lowering their voices unconsciously. Or perhaps the study hall overseer happens to be one of those teachers who insists on a talkless study hall. I wouldn’t know. Either way, the hallways are quiet for now.

Second Period (8:59-9:44am): The stage. The music room, now filled with the sixth grade band, is no longer quiet, and subsequently neither is any adjacent room. The stage, however, although in proximity to the music room, is surprisingly quiet. It is dark, with all types of equipment scattered about behind the thin black curtains. Football helmets, the forsaken frames of work-out contraptions, socks, and the rough, wooden frames of past and current theater production sets, courtesy of the Zion HS drama machine. There is still plenty of room at the back of the stage, though, where you won’t be noticed by the passersby in the gymnasium.

Third period is not quiet. Third period is never quiet.

Lunch Time (12:15-12:45pm): The restroom is very quiet towards the end of lunch, surprisingly. It is only in the last five minutes or so, and for the next several minutes after the bell rings, that the indigenous bathroom inhabitants begin to make their rounds.

Sixth Period (12:47-1:33pm): The walkway, outside, between the stairs, below the catwalk. For some reason the traffic around the upstairs classrooms is relatively low at this time. The people that do come this way are almost inevitably headed towards the stairs at either end of the walkway. This means that the space in between receives very little use. It is a bit of a shame, because other than the mud cleat-prints leading into the locker rooms, this area is rather pleasant. It is relatively clean, has fresh air, and affords the pleasant view of a grassy hill. And of course, it is quiet.

Seventh period (1:36-2:22): Back to the music room. If it is spring, then the humidity will have accumulated in the room by now, bringing with it a stale sweat odor that sets itself deeply in the thin blue carpet between the Mayfly corpses. This is because the room has been used as a locker room. For this reason, we recommend a scent masking device (such as a vanillaroma scented tree) in the upper panels of the practice room, near the vent. It is also tends to get very cold, be it summer or winter. To work around this, it is recommended that one curls up on the practice-room recliner with a good Mexican blanket. Finally, if all else fails, one can take hermetic refuge by crawling into one of the empty cabinets, which affords just enough room to assume a comfortable fetal position.

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