The most holy of grails. Should I ever found my own nation, the constitution would consist of "Life, liberty and the persuit of warmth."

Best forms of warmth come from big black coats, duvets and the feeling of skin against skin when with a partner. The sun and illness don't rank too highly on the list, as they are evil warmth.

Warmth (?), n.


The quality or state of being warm; gentle heat; as, the warmth of the sun; the warmth of the blood; vital warmth.

Here kindly warmth their mounting juice ferments. Addison.


A state of lively and excited interest; zeal; ardor; fervor; passion; enthusiasm; earnestness; as, the warmth of love or piety; he replied with much warmth.

"Spiritual warmth, and holy fires."

Jer. Taylor.

That warmth . . . which agrees with Christian zeal. Sprat.

3. Paint.

The glowing effect which arises from the use of warm colors; hence, any similar appearance or effect in a painting, or work of color.

Syn. -- Zeal; ardor; fervor; fervency; heat; glow; earnestness; cordiality; animation; eagerness; excitement; vehemence.


© Webster 1913.

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