a RIMM is the name trademarked by Kingston and is used of a memory module that utilizes Rambus/RDRAM Memory. The letters stand for "Rambus Inline Memory Module", in the same manner as SIMM and DIMM.

The standard (desktop) RIMM has a 184-pin connector, and a Small Outline SO-RIMM module has a 160-pin connector for mobile and embedded applications.

To use the term 'RIMM', you must pay a licensing fee to Kingston, so most manufacturers will simply use terms like 'Rambus Module', etc., similar to the FireWire Vs. IEEE 1394 Vs. iLink debacle.

Note: RIMM does stand for "Rambus Inline Memory Module", and I can prove it: Go here (http://kingston.com/japan/about/wnew/wn981118.asp) and find the line where it says RIMM = Rambus Inline Memory Module in the first paragraph.

RIMM - the Nasdaq symbol for Research in Motion Limited, the maker of the RIM Wireless Handhelds, theBlackberry wireless email solution, embedded radio modems, and software development tools. RIM is traded on both the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) with the ticker "RIM", and on the Nasdaq, with the ticker "RIMM".

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