Founded in 1852, the Toronto Stock Exchange is the third largest stock exchange in North America. It is commonly abbreviated as either the TSX or TSE (TSX is used almost exclusively now, although the website of TSX Group, the parent company of the Toronto Stock Exchange, still has their webpage at In much the same way as the New York Stock Exchange is not in fact located on Wall Street (it is in fact around the corner on Broad Street), the TSE is no longer located on Bay Street, but since 1983 has been located in The Exchange Tower, at 130 King Street West. Interestingly, the old 5-storey art deco TSE building on Bay Street is still standing, but is now encased in the 31-storey black glass and steel Ernst and Young Tower. The building has been completely maintained and now houses the Design Exchange, which acts as a resource and advocacy centre for the Canadian design industry.


TSX Group

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