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While I was living in San Diego, California, the two days I dreaded most were New Year's Day and the Fourth of July. In certain parts of town, they were actually Raining Bullets day.

For some reason, on these two days the imbeciles and drunkards would crawl off of the couch and drink more beer, then drag out their firearms. When the fireworks started, the sporadic gunfire would begin... enough to make you feel like you were in a war zone. Converted fully automatic rifles spewed lead skywards, sots were trying to aim skywards with their handguns and occasionally missing.

Nobody ever remembered the old adage, what goes up must come down. Bullets would rain down, you could hear one occasionally hit the roof. I kept the pets indoors lest they get hit by the rounds.

If you happen to visit San Diego on one of the Raining Bullets days, make sure you stay out of the run-down areas during the live-fire exercises.

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