Japanese soft drink, invented somewhere in the 19th century. Although there are many different tastes available, lemon remains the original, classic taste, somewhere between Sprite and 7up. One of it's characteristics is the unmistakable packaging: A weirdly-shaped bottle, with a marble on the inside, which also serves a closing mechanism. (Cool bonus: the marbles can be collected and used for playing by children, which is, incidentally, how marbles first became a toy in Japan). To drink, one has to push the marble inside, and then drink while holding the bottle correctly, lest the marble falls into the opening again, shutting off the source of this delicious drink.

Bottles can also be refilled, using these easy instructions:

  • 1. Stir in 20g (3/4oz) of sugar and 3.5g (2/3 teaspoon) of citric acid into 200cc (1/2pt) of cold water.
  • 2. Add some lemon juice as your choice.
  • 3. Pour the above ingredients into emtpy Ramune bottle.
  • 4. Add 2g of baking soda into the bottle and stop the spout with your palm immediately.
  • Then, flip it upside down. The carbon dioxide gas bubble begins to gush out of the bottle. Don't panic!
  • 5. Turn the bottle up when the marble has shut up the spout.
  • 6. The bubble inside the bottle disappears after a while and the water becomes clear. Put the bottle in the fridge. Enjoy!

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