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A rancor is also a large beast in the Star Wars universe. Looking like a huge dinosaur, but with a rounder head and huge clawed arms. A rancor can be seen in the movie Return of the Jedi being kept by Jabba the Hutt for the execution of undesirables, who were to be dropped into the Rancor's cage through a trap door.
The beast is eventually killed by Luke Skywalker, who is dropped into the rancor's cage, but manages to evade it long enough to maneuver the beast underneath a large metal door, which Luke then releases, slamming it into the Rancor's head. Indeed, in the book of short stories "Tales From Jabba's Palace", it is revealed that the rancor was going to be freed the very next day, broken out by its loving trainer (though admittedly this is only an "extended universe" authority). However, this escape was obviously not to be.

Ran"cor (?), n. [Written also rancour.] [OE. rancour, OF. rancor, rancur, F. rancune, fr. L. rancor rancidity, rankness; tropically, an old grudge, rancor, fr. rancere to be rank or rancid.]

The deepest malignity or spite; deep-seated enmity or malice; inveterate hatred.

"To stint rancour and dissencioun."


It would not be easy to conceive the passion, rancor, and malice of their tongues and hearts. Burke.

Syn. -- Enmity; hatred; ill will; malice; spite; grudge; animosity; malignity. -- Rancor, Enmity. Enmity and rancor both describe hostile feelings; but enmity may be generous and open, while rancor implies personal malice of the worst and most enduring nature, and is the strongest word in our language to express hostile feelings.

Rancor will out; proud prelate, in thy face I see thy fury. Shak.

Rancor is that degree of malice which preys upon the possessor. Cogan.


© Webster 1913.

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