My bedroom is...perhaps poorly chosen to be a bedroom, because it also contains the only door to the attic, so if anyone wishes to reach the third floor they must first walk in on me. I wonder if it would have been better to choose a different room on the second floor as a bedroom, and leave this room as the common office-work area.

The connection to an un-insulated third floor leaves my room colder than the rest of the second floor during the winter. Somewhat annoying to endure, but at the very least I can go anywhere else in the house; if I choose to work in my bedroom all day it means I am being stubborn. No, cold is not the primary issue with this room.

The primary issue is that when the wind blows, the attic door rattles.

I do not think this would have been an easy room for me to live in if I were a wee little one. Just imagine -- your father tucks you into bed, and says that there's no monster in the closet, no monster under the bed...and then the wind picks up and the attic door begins to rattle. As if there is, in fact, something on the other side. Something alive. Something hungry.

That's the moment when the kid decides they're going to sleep in mom and dad's bed. Nope, sorry daddy, you told me there were no monsters and you obviously lied. Why don't YOU try sleeping in this stupid room?

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