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There is a current event that has been bothering me every since I heard about it. Following is a summary of the event taken out of a local newspaper:

    Wednesday April 04 An Australian pro rugby player who resigned this weekend after being caught sticking his finger in opposing players' anuses during a match is now considering taking legal action against the New Zealand Cancer Society (NZCS) for using his picture in an advertisement for prostate cancer checks.

This is both; one of the funniest things I have heard in a while AND one of the most retarded things I have heard in a while. I guess this is a question to everyone that reads this node. I want to know: What drives a person to poke another person in the rectum during a sporting event in front of thousands of people? If anyone has an idea, I would like to know why. I cannot see the motivation or what he is trying to accomplish by doing this.

I am glad that the NZCS used his picture for prostate examinations. It is very fitting and I sincerely hope that this player does not win his court case.

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