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John Hopoate was a Rugby League player who was caught sticking his finger up other players' bottoms. Here is a joke about it that I received by email:

Controversial Wests Tigers winger John Hopoate was last night on the receiving end of a 12 week suspension after being found guilty by the NRL Judiciary of inserting his fingers up the anuses of three North Queensland players.

NRL judiciary commissioner Jim Hall said last night 'The penalty needed to be harsh. Anything less would have cleared the passage way for this to happen more often. We need to plug up any holes that are emerging in our game as quickly as we can.'

NRL chiefs were poking around for answers for more than 4 hours before emerging with their verdict.

An internal probe has also been set up to find out if this act is a spreading trend amongst other clubs. 'We need to remove this crap from our game any way we can.' He added 'This might mean a long and hard search into every player on the field.'

Wests Tigers coach Terry Lamb defended Hopoate's actions, saying 'There is nothing wrong with getting stuck into the opposition, and if there is an opening anywhere on the field I will always instruct my players to take it.'

Peter Jones, who was on the receiving end of Hopoate's actions, was unhappy with the verdict 'The whole thing stinks. He should have received a lot more than a 12 week suspension, he should get as good as he gives.'

Hopoate is now hoping to wipe his hands of the incident.
On a separate issue, Ian Roberts has announced his return to the NRL 'The modern game is now much more suited to my style.'

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