an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

Red Eyes
by Matt, age ten

It was Halloween night. Josh and I were going trick-or-treating together. My dad was going with us. Josh and I had been best friends since he moved in almost a year ago. At seven o'clock we started. Every house we went to gave us a lot of candy.

On our way, we met this kid. He was really nice. He said his name was Tim and he pointed out where he lived. He trick-or-treated with us and we talked.

At one house there were no lights on. I decided to skip it but Josh and Tim went up to the door. I went to the next house. It was my neighbor's house and she invited me in. After that, Josh and Tim met up with me, but Josh was acting a little weird. Tim said he had to go home and he left.

Josh said he knew a short-cut. My dad said he would meet us at the next house. When we were walking through the woods something weird happened. All of a sudden Josh's nails grew a foot long and were razor sharp. His eyes turned bright red and he charged straight for me. Before I knew it, I was tied to a tree. Josh was about to put a controlling computer chip on my arm when he stopped.

He heard my dad calling us. As fast as he had tied me I was untied. Josh said,   "It's not worth getting caught. I'll get you later."   I was so scared I couldn't speak. I tried to tell my dad what happened, but he didn't believe me.

That night I snuck out of the house. I went to Tim's house to tell him about Josh. When I went to his room, he wasn't in bed. All of a sudden I saw a long razor sharp fingernail resting on my shoulder. It was Tim. It clicked what must have happened. When Josh and Tim went up to that house, Tim put a controlling computer chip on Josh.

The door opened and Josh walked in. He said,  "Very clever. But you got one thing wrong. He isn't controlling me. I'm controlling him. Every Halloween I take control of someone."   Tim and Josh grabbed my arm. Then everything went dark.

The End

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