The Red Swingline Stapler as seen in the fabulous movie Office Space (written by Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead fame) is a symbol of our emancipation from the stupid rule that we suffer under in our everyday corporate lives. The character Milton finds comfort in his stapler, having kept it when the rest of the company switched over to Bostitch staplers because it didn't bind up as much. When Milton's boss took the red stapler, it sent Milton on a destructive turn, culminating in the flaming demise of Initech, the software development company where he worked. The Red Swingline Stapler itself is the only thing left recognizable in the wreckage.

For many years after the movie came out, geeks and others who enjoyed the movie begged Swingline to produce a red stapler so they could silently rebel from the comfort of their own cubicles. Finally, Swingline listened to the pleas.

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