Re*doubt" (r?*dout"), n. [F. redoute, fem., It. ridotto, LL. reductus, literally, a retreat, from L. reductus drawn back, retired, p. p. of reducere to lead or draw back; cf. F. r'eduit, also fr. LL. reductus. See Reduce, and cf. Reduct, Rduit, Ridotto.] Fort. (a)

A small, and usually a roughly constructed, fort or outwork of varying shape, commonly erected for a temporary purpose, and without flanking defenses, -- used esp. in fortifying tops of hills and passes, and positions in hostile territory.


In permanent works, an outwork placed within another outwork. See F and i in Illust. of Ravelin.

[Written also redout.]


© Webster 1913.

Re*doubt", v. t. [F. redouter, formerly also spelt redoubter; fr. L. pref. re- re- + dubitare to doubt, in LL., to fear. See Doubt.]

To stand in dread of; to regard with fear; to dread.



© Webster 1913.

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