The power-pop psuedonym of Matthew Pryor and James Dewees of The Get Up Kids. The band operates under the cover story that Reggie died in a studio fire in the 80's and that any new releases are "found"


"Greatest Hit's '84-'87" 1998, Second Nature Recordings

"Promotional Copy" 2000, Vagrant Records

Being a two-man-band tends to make touring a bit difficult. Reggie attempted to overcome this during their sumer 2001 tour by employing Ultimate Fakebook as an extended "Full Effect"

Reggie's ultra-catchy synth-driven sound stinks of latter-day Get Up Kids, but manages to avoid the trite romanticism and sentiment that brought anti-emo derision to bear on the Kids.

"Greatest Hits: '84-'87" is 18 tracks of Mooged-out, garage-band rock with hooks that are remembered after the meanings are long-forgotten. Mixed in are several lo-fi, extra studio time goofs on topics ranging from drunks at shows to Janet Jackson herself

"Promotional Copy" takes the guitar-and-Moog combo of the previous record, throws in a drum machine and takes off at a gallop. This LP takes the metal lust only hinted at before and turns it into a full-blown fetish. The highlight of the record is when Reggie creates a fake band within itself, Common Denominator, adopting God-awful Finnish accents for the stunningly bad "Dwarf Invasion."

Reggie and the Full Effect's next record is rumored to be a collection of early demo's called "Cassette Only".

Update On February 18, "Under The Tray" was released on Vagrant Records. These 16 new songs are RATFE's weirdest yet. With the return of Common Denominator and a song or two about Canadians, this record is destined for glory.

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