Sloan is a quartet originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They are truly a democracy as each member writes songs for the group.

They were originally signed to Geffen, because it was thought that they would become the Nirvana of the north.

Over the past nine or so years, they have released the following albums:

Peppermint ep (1992)
Smeared (1992)
Twice Remowed (1994)
One Chord To Another (1996)
One Chord To Another (1997) (included a bonus "Party Album")
Navy Blues (1998)
4 Nights At The Palais Royale (1999) (Double Live)
Between The Bridges (1999)

After their brief stint with Geffen, they started releasine their albums on their own label (murderecords). Sometime after the release of Navy Blues they were able to buy back the rights to Smeared and Twice Removed from Geffen. Those two albums are now available through murderecords.

To expound on Sloan:

The members are:
Chris Murphy (usually on bass)
Patrick Pentland (lead guitar)
Andrew Scott (drums)
Jay Ferguson (rhythm guitar)

They are into instrument swapping as well as sharing writing duties, as Pr0n K1ng pointed out. Their sound gravitates between and effectively mixes early 90's indie pop (think My Bloody Valentine) and later Beatles-esque melodies and dischordance. Their latest release (2003) was Action Pact. They are very popular in Japan, but still haven't turned into a craze in the states outside of northern US alt rock and college radio stations.

People tend to either love Sloan or hate them. They have a real tongue in cheek quality to many of their poppier rock songs:

people people
this is a poll
are you one of the ones who went and
gave up on rock and roll
people people
do you know what I mean?
if you think you do then
call the number on the screen now
pick it up - pick it up and dial it

Pick It Up and Dial It - from Pretty Together

...and tend to write heart crushing young twenties intelligent ballads:

if I had a funeral
would you even care?
would you wear your silver dress?
would you actually wear lipstick?
would you lie upon my grave
and be there with bells on
so you could ring me from this life?

Bells On - from Twice Removed

for those intrigued, you can learn more at - which I must credit for making sure my lyrics were accurate.

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