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Most (not all) religions claim to offer an objective set of truths. However, so many of them contradict that it is impossible for them to all be objectively true.

But people choose which religion to believe in various ways. Some are just born into a family which teaches it as truth, and they just follow. Others change to a different one, for various reasons.

But everyone selects reasons based on their own experience, their own beliefs. Each person selects their religion due to subjective reasons. That's because there is no objective method to do so - even so called personal revelation is due to our interpretation of the event; this is clear because there are so many so-called personal revelations that occur but yet don't agree with each other.

So essentially everyone choose the objective truth they believe in. Except those people who don't believe in objective truth, of course.

And of course science is different, because it's a list of the best explanations we have at the moment, and anyone who understands how it works knows that it doesn't mean it's any sort of objective truth. Any real scientist will admit that it's totally possible that you could apply your brakes on your vehicle tomorrow and have it speed up, crash into nothing, and explode with the force of a nuclear blast. Not very likely, but that it could happen, and they'd have to figure out why.

"And is it any different with politics?"

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