One of America's most well-known firearms manufacturer and, in days past, producer of world-famous typewriters.

The company's history allegedly goes back to 1816, when young Eliphalet Remington II built his own flintlock rifle for a shooting match, thus sparking interest among what would be his first customers. The company has been a registered stock company since 1865, producing numerous inventions, perhaps at the time most notable is the rolling block rifle. It also acquired a couple of cartridge companies and revolutionized the cartridge production with several new inventions.

In 1873, the company started producing typewriters as the world's first successful marketer of the device. The typewriter was separated and sold in 1886. The Remington Typewriter Company proceeded to introduce the first "noiseless" typewriter in 1909, and the first electric typewriter in 1925, only to become Remington Rand in a merge with Rand Kardex in 1927, who would in turn produce the 409 (later sold as UniVAC 60 and 120), the world's first business computer. The UniVAC would prove a success in America's 1952 Presidential election.

In 1955, the historical name Remington was dropped from the company's title altogether as it merged with the Sperry Corporation to form Sperry Rand. The merged companies merged again with the Burroughs company to form Unisys, which is today's great-great grandson of Remington.

Meanwhile, the firearms-producing core of the company has retained its name since the 1888 name change from E. Remington & Sons to the Remington Arms company, which would also produce sewing machines, cash registers, pocket knives, hunting knives, household utensils, tools, and promotional clothing and accessories.

In 1950, the company first produced its Model 870 "Wingmaster" pump action shotgun, the largest-selling of its kind, and has experienced several similar successes thereafter.

The company's firearms plant is located in Ilion, New York, and has been there since 1828, but it is established in several ways in numerous locations, for example the Remington Farms, a site for conferences and hunting as well as demonstrating wildlife restoration and conservation techniques.

Information from and The noder is a proud owner of a fully functional Remington Paragon 12 typewriter, a truly beautiful piece.

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